Marrakech Designs Ltd. is a custom design firm that specializes in Moroccan decorative art.  We are a unique resource for designers who wish to employ Moroccan art and craftsmanship with Moroccan zelliges, zouacs and gebs and create interiors that are activated by the colors, patterns, raw textures and beauty of Morocco.

Moroccan style as we know it today is a mix of nomadic Berber, Arab-Islamic, and European influences. The decor in traditional riads and small palaces in Marrakech, is a blend of these influences and a creative re-interpretation of traditional Moroccan decorative arts. One of our Marrakech muses is Bill Willis, the expat American interior decorator (1937–2009), who created the Modern Moroccan design movement in Marrakech, he took inspiration from traditional culture while designing for the times in which he lived. A Moroccan style interior can embrace the minimalist or maximalist approach to design and may include an explosion of brilliant color with geometric mosaics or explore the subtle play of intricate shadow patterns created by mousharbiya woodwork and filigree metalwork.

Our mission is to preserve traditional Moroccan crafts by giving individuals, designers and architects direct access to custom handcrafted Moroccan details for interior and garden design. By offering interior designers and architects the opportunity to reinterpret traditional techniques in collaboration with Moroccan artisans, we believe in keeping the ancient decorative arts of Morocco alive while supporting the livelihood of the artisans and their families.

Our team

Stephanie Rudloe Regalado, interior designer and founder of Marrakech Designs, collaborates with artisan ateliers in Fez and Marrakech to produce one-of-a-kind mashrabiya, zillij tile, and ‘gebs’ friezes for clients. As creative director of Imports from Marrakesh since 2000,  she has built a loyal following of architects, designers and stylists. She trained in classic interior decoration at William Hodgins in Boston. Drawing from her collaborative design experience and trade network of artisans in Morocco and New England, Under Stephanie’s guidance, each project, be it large or small, is a unique collaboration that brings her clients creative vision to life.


Mohamed Elmaarouf, the son of a Marrakech rug merchant, has been procuring Amazigh carpets from tribes in the Atlas mountains since 1968,. In 1980, Mohamed helped gather a collection of Berber weavings for the Textile Museum in Washington DC and he shared his expertise in translating Berber dialects, as well as his deep knowledge of the Berber arts and culture for the book From the Far West: Carpets and Textiles of Morocco which was published on the occasion of the exhibition. Since then Mohamed has become an expert producer of hand-made, fair-trade Moroccan tiles, lanterns, carpets and fashion accessories for Imports from Marrakesh and Marrakech Designs.