Zillij tile is a visual language. The vocabulary of zillij tile is composed of shapes, patterns and colors. Morocco has some of the last traditional workshops devoted to the preservation and production of zillij, also known as zellige, zillige, zellij, zelige, the living craft of hand-cut glazed mosaic tile that was developed in Andalusia in the twelfth century. We have gathered this collection of designs from the zillij tile workshops of Fez and Marrakech.

We represent Moroccan artisans who continue to evolve and innovate within this distinctive tradition. Zillij tile patterns combine elements of the mathematical, artistic, spiritual and cosmological. This abstract geometrical craft is a vital decorative element in the history of Islamic art and architecture. Zillij tile can be used to adorn walls, floors, stairs, columns, pools and baths, balconies, interior courtyards and garden pathways. Modern applications for zillij tile include zillij tile tables, backsplashes, countertops. and fireplaces facades.

Traditional zillij tile designs are available in repeat patterns of single shapes and elaborate rosettes that evoke hypnotic meditations. In addition to the selected designs in our collection, we will produce any traditional zillij tile design by special order. Each project is unique and our workshops produce this traditional craft at affordable prices for commissioned custom design projects.

LEAD TIME: The average lead time is 5 -8 week + 7-10 business days for air-shipping
The lead time for custom orders depends on the intricacy of the design and on the quantity and size of the project.

PRICING: Prices range from $25 per square foot up to $195 per square foot.

PAYMENT: A 50% deposit is required to initiate an order. The full balance and shipping fees must be paid before your order is released for shipment/delivery.
We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

INDIVIDUAL TILES: Each piece of zillij tile is hand-cut with a chisel. Zillij tile may be ordered as individual tile pieces and installed as a mosaic on-site by a professional tile installer.

TILE PANELS: Zillij tile may also be ordered as a panel in sizes made to suit the specifications of your project. The individual mosaic tiles are hand-cut with a chisel and then assembled face down to fit together like a puzzle, concrete or resin is poured over the back and left to harden into a durable easy to install slab. The mosaic panels are set on a flexible plastic mesh.

PANEL THICKNESS: 1/2 inch thick {1.5 cm }, average panel size for easy installation ranges from 12″ x 12″ up to 20″ x 20″ panels depending on the design. Panel size is determined by the scale of the design and how the pattern repeats.

CUSTOM DESIGN PROCESS: Zillij tile is an art that has specific measurements for each pattern. We can reproduce any traditional Moroccan mosaic design. Our master zillij tile artisan will adjust the scale of mosaic tiles to suit your specifications as closely as possible. For more information about our custom design services and rates, please contact us.

COLOR: Every glaze recipe is mixed by hand and the tiles are baked in kilns fired by olive pits and pith. This ancient process yields slight differences in color that give character to the enameled surface of the tile. The seven traditional color are traditional white,  honey,  dark blue,  turquoise, dark green,  red,  black, and unglazed terra-cotta . Please contact us to order color samples for your design library or design scheme.

photos by  Cody O’Loughlin

For a quote or to place an order email sr@marrakechdesigns.com