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Mashrabiya, carved wooden latticework is a traditional decorative element  Moroccan and Middle Eastern architecture. Hand carved from cedar, mashrabiya lattices are composed of interlocking turned dowels. Farkh, cubic shapes of wood, alternate with Arnas, round carved pieces of wood, to form a criss-cross designs. The mashrabiya become shutters, screens and balustrades, cabinet doors, and decorative accents in furniture. The latticework is designed for privacy, air circulation and to filter sunlight into ornamental shadows. Highly adaptable to creative applications for interior architecture, this ancient craft is custom made to order by master artisans in Marrakech, Morocco.


Traditional Moroccan mosaic tile designs, are called Zellige,  and also zillij الزليج‎;  zelige or zellij.  We specialize in replicating historic  Zellige tile designs. This mosaic pattern is from the Ben Youssef Madrasa in Marrakech.