Marrakech Designs produces custom orders for architects, interior designers, and individuals with particular specifications for traditional Moroccan lattice woodwork known as moshrabi, mousharabiya . (مشربية) or moucharaby.

Hand-carved from cedar wood, a native tree from the Atlas mountains, the lattice designs are composed of individual pegs that are fit together inside a frame.  The moshrabi are installed as decorative wall panels, window and balcony screens, for cabinetry and as a decorative accent in wooden furniture.  The open intricate patterns are designed to create healthy air flow and  dramatic shadow patterns for interiors.

Moroccan decorative woodwork has a strong scent of cedar that gradually fades over time. When the wood is chiseled or sanded it activates the natural essential oils of the cedar wood. Marrakech Designs has no control over the duration of time it may take for the scent completely fade. The cedar wood may be stained or painted or left to patina naturally over time.


  • Size limit information: mashrabiya panels can be maximum  200 cm high  x 80 cm wide or 150 cm  high x 100 cm wide. Anything longer will have to have decorative wood  beams connecting them.
  • Traditional peg size are 25 mm, 20 mm and 13 mm and 10 mm.  Note: Larger size panels require peg work to be 22 mm and up for stability.
  • Average Lead time: 4 to 16 weeks depending on size and quantity of order, lead-time  includes production and shipping from Morocco
  •  Shipping quote includes fumigation, packing, shipping & all broker & customs fees for shipping by sea or air. The size of the mousharabiya panels will determine the most suitable shipping method. Larger size panels may require shipping by sea.
  •  Plans and elevation drawing must provided be in metric for production.
  • Marrakech Design services are available for
    • elevations,
    • design concepts
    • rendering for interior architecture
    • For more information about our design services please email
  • Samples to be purchased & shipped for  approval prior  full production or approved by email with photos. Average Sample fee is $250.00.
  •  50% deposit is required to initiate production, full balance and shipping fee due before order is released for shipment.

Each project is unique and our artisan workshops produce hand-carved woodwork for bespoke projects. For a quote or more information, email