Moursharaby Petite Diagonal Lattice {1/2″ / 1.5 cm}

Moursharaby Petite Diagonal Lattice {1/2″ / 1.5 cm}

Moursharaby petite diagonal lattice is a traditional style of decorative woodwork in Moroccan architecture. Farkh, cubic shapes of wood, alternate with Arnas, round carved pieces of wood, to form a criss-cross design. Highly adaptable to creative applications for interior architecture, from cabinet doors to window screens, this ancient craft is custom made to order by master artisans in Marrakech, Morocco.

Size:  Farkh, cubic shapes of wood are 1/2″ wide/ 1.5 cm

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Moursharaby square lattice size information

Material: Cedar wood from the Atlas Mountains

Size/ Scale information; 

Petite: square opening  1.5 cm

medium: square opening 2 cm / 1 inch

large: square opening 2.5 cm

extra large: square opening can be made to suit your specifications

Design note: available set in  frame or unframed

traditional frame:  3 cm depth x 6 cm wide

extra small frame: 3 cm depth x 5.5 cm wide

large frame: made to suit your specifications