COURSI CHAIR ~ Now on the Ocean

COURSI CHAIR ~ Now on the Ocean

Marrakech Designs is thrilled to represent handmade garden furniture crafted from arbutus trees created in the gardens of writer and horticulturalist Umberto Pasti, the author of Eden Revisited. These rare, naturalistic tables, chairs, and banquettes are made in Rohuna, a remote village in Northern Morocco by Najim & Othman Workshop, Now on the Ocean. Pasti designed this colorful, rustic furniture with brothers Najim & Othman for furnishing his own magical  garden of indigenous plants and rare native flowers.

The windswept forms of the branches determine how the shape of the arms and legs will support the balance of the furniture. Not one Coursi Chair or Stephan Table is ever exactly the same. Najim & Othman’s workshop gathers and culls the branches of this beloved local wood and composes each table, seat or étagère into a work of utilitarian art, ready to be perfectly placed in your own paradise.

This unique furniture project exemplifies our mission to preserve hand-crafted decorative art in Morocco and to support living  artisans. A special creativity manifests when traditional artisans and innovative designers collaborate. 10% of each sale of NOW’s garden furniture is donated to Rohuna to support the medical and educational needs of children in the village



width 55 cm

height 100 cm

depth 40 cm

color:  coral

also available in white, majorelle blue, blue francais,  yellow, forest green and au naturel

dimensions can vary slightly depending on the branches used to construct the furniture

please contact for more information