new introductions

Our new collection of mosaic designs are inspired by antique Persian tile patterns and the colors of Isfahan. All of our mosaics are custom made to order by our team of  Moroccan artisans in Marrakech and Fes.  The abstract geometrical craft of Zellige mosiac tile  is a vital decorative element in the history of Islamic art and architecture. Zillij tile can be used to adorn walls, floors, stairs, columns, pools and baths, balconies, interior courtyards and garden pathways. Modern applications for zillij tile include zillij tile tables, backsplashes, countertops. and fireplaces facades.


Traditional Moroccan mosaic tile designs, are called Zillij and also Zellige الزليج‎;  zelige or zellij.  We specialize in producing custom-made Zillij Tile. ZT-19 ‘Stars & Leaves’ in cobalt blue, turquoise and terra-cotta, is shown here in a home designed by the White Arrow