Tuareg Matts

Hand-woven from slender reed and fine strips of camel leather, Taureg mats from Mauratania are traditionally crafted by women as floor and wall coverings for their desert tents. Beautifully adorned with same bold geometric designs that are etched into the Tuareg tribe’s silver jewelry, the ornamental diamond and cross motifs symbolize protection from the evil eye. The Tuareg are descended from the Imazighen of the Atlas Mountains, and the magical design language seamlessly passes through generations of semi-nomadic weavers.


Traditional Moroccan mosaic tile designs, are called Zillij and also Zellige الزليج‎;  zelige or zellij.  We specialize in producing custom-made Zillij Tile. ZT-19 ‘Stars & Leaves’ in cobalt blue, turquoise and terra-cotta, is shown here in a home designed by the White Arrow