Marrakech Designs collaborated with interior designer Sashya Thind to bring Krishna Gupta’s eclectic vision to life with our bespoke zellige tile. Our master artisans in Marrakesh produced the zellige tile designs that cover the walls and fireplace surround in Gupta’s Moroccan inspired room. The mosaic designs are replicated from the Ben Youssef Madrasa, a sixteenth century Islamic intellectual center in Marrakech. Now, the same patterns are a mesmerizing decoration in the heart of the tech entrepreneur’s home in 21st c. Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The historic mosaic designs are not only a remembrance of Gupta’s magical times spent in Morocco, the hand-chiseled tiles are also an ancient living art that is preserved by our artisans and our special commissioned projects. The interior design by Sashya Thind is a successful ‘portrait’ of the home owner’s personal taste and passions.

Marrakech Designs Ltd.  produced the custom Zellige Tile design on wainscoting and fireplace wall.  Accessories include: Venetian Velvet Ottomano cushion,  Casa Tosca Cosmo Star Table, and antique Moroccan teapot. Styled by Stephanie Rudloe, Photo by Ari Kellerman.

In every nook, maximalism reigns in a surprising mix and match of influences: the Rambagh Palace and Rajmahal for India; Napoleonic grandeur for France; Nasir al-Mulk and Shah Cheragh for Persia; and Ben Youssef Madrasa and Zaouia of Moulay Idriss II for Morocco. “These are cultures that have left an indelible mark on my life, both in terms of their accomplishment and for the heights of artistic, culinary, and cultural tradition that [they] enabled and then promulgated globally,” says Gupta. The fusion of these sources of inspiration is visible throughout the colorful home dressed with velvets, silks, and rich wools, creating luxuriously tactile spaces. Thind opted for different paint colors and wallpapers to reflect the natural light

{ Karine Monie , Vogue Arabia . May 2023 } Read the rest of this  article: VOGUE ARABIA  

The fireplace surround is clad in an intricate monochrome zellige star & cross design by Marrakech Designs Ltd. The traditional red glazed tile is paired with an Indian Mirror, an 18th c, Napoleonic clock and an antique Joesphine swan chair {Interior design by Sashya Thind, photo by Ari Kellerman}