Marrakech Style in The New York Times

Marrakech Style in The New York Times

Faraway Style | Inspiration: Morocco

Rich color, abundant tile and riotous pattern can bring the feel of Morocco to any home

Not long ago, interiors were expected to be chill. But as more decorators lay on color and pattern with the giddiness of paintball enthusiasts, they are borrowing from places where lush, layered and crazy combinations are standard operating aesthetics. Places like Morocco.

What is Moroccan style, exactly? According to Stephanie Rudloe, the owner of Marrakech Designs in Boston, it is a mix of nomadic Berber, Arab-Islamic and European influences that slightly changes character as you venture across the region.

More specifically, Ms. Rudloe said, “an imaginative fantasy” might include “mosaic tile walls, inlay tables, a glass chandelier from Egypt or Venice, metal lanterns, Berber carpets and banquettes covered in a patterned French velvet or an Indian paisley.”

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